We strive to assist and educate our customers in the how's and whys of all aspects of web design.

What is the difference between a $500 template web site and a web site done by a professional web site company?

  • With a professional web site you will get some initial consulting, while the web site company researches your competition's Internet presence, and does keyword research. This research portion will assist in any future search engine marketing or PPC (pay per click). This is not something you are going to get with a template web site.
  • In addition, a template web site is very rigid in layout. You may even find that layouts don't work with the orientation of your logo. However, don't always assume that web design companies will never work with templates. There are some that can be adjusted .
  • With a professional web site you are going to get a site that is created using web and search engine standards, and tested in the popular browsers. This is important because when google looks at new sites, the ones that have no errors and render correctly are given precedence over the others. It is also good to know that your site has been created for the search engines.
  • Most important, a web design company is going to look at how your business is run, how your web site will need to be updated in the future, and be available to incorporate any new functionality.

How do you charge? Hourly or by the job?

I typically charge by the hour for webmaster work, and by the job for a full site design or re-design. Webmaster work is any changes that need to be done to finish, or add some new functionality to a web site that was not started by us. I am always willing to work with a client that has a partially completed site, that is where I have gotten some of my best clients!

When completing a full site design or re-design I will send a proposal so that you can see exactly what pages, what features, and the standards that I put into every web site that I create.

Do you supply the hosting, or do I need to purchase on my own?

I do resell through a local reputable hosting company and provide hosting accounts. I will also work with a hosting company you are already working with, I will need all the connection parameters for the web site, and may also need to talk to the hosting company when it comes time to process any user forms on your web site.

What about domain names, how do I get one?

The domain name, or dot-com address, is the way users find a businesses on the Internet. The following are some tips for choosing a name: keep it short, as close as possible to the company or organization's name, and use a ".com" address when possible, unless the business is a non-profit organization. If you wish we can reserve your domain name for you. If you have reserved your own domain name and want to use our hosting, we will just need to access your domain record so we can point to our hosting server.

How is the design process done?

During the initial meetings we talk about what other sites you like the look of, your company image, colors and any other factors. An initial home page design is created in Photoshop and then shown to you as a .PDF. Approval is required before the next step of creating any web pages. During the creation of the web site any work in progress pages are sent as links.

How are any web site updates made?

It depends upon you. If you want to make the updates yourself we can assist you in the tools needed to make the updates, or if you wish we can make the updates ourselves as hourly maintenance. We suggest using a tool like Macromedia Contribute to make updates.

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